Becoming a Grader

The Committee of Bar Examiners solicits applications from attorneys to grade the California Bar Examination twice yearly. Minimum qualifications require that applicants:

  1. Be active members in good standing of The State Bar of California;
  2. Have been admitted to The State Bar of California  not less than one year prior to the examination for which the grader is to be selected, and:
  3. Have passed the California Bar Examination on the first or second attempt.

Security, financial and logistical considerations also require that applicants live and work within the greater San Francisco Bay Area and not be affiliated professionally with any law school or bar review course.

Those selected must first serve as apprentice graders.  Apprentice graders do not actually grade unless an emergency situation arises or a vacancy occurs on their grader panel. They must make the commitment to be available, however, should they be needed to grade at any point during the two-to-three month grading cycle.

Compensation for all preparatory work and attendance at the apprentice orientation session and three grader calibration meetings is $725. Book fee compensation for grading examination answers is $3.25 per essay answer and $3.75 for each performance test answer.

Applications to grade are specific to each examination cycle; those for the February bar examination are distributed in early January, while those for the July bar examination are distributed in early June. Requests to be included in the distribution of applications should be submitted to