Qualifying for Admission to Practice Law in California through Fixed-Facility Law Study

A fixed-facility law school registered with the Committee of Bar Examiners is a law school that conducts its instruction principally in physical classroom facilities. A fixed-facility law school must require classroom attendance of its students for a minimum of 270 hours a year for four years. 

Please refer to the Unaccredited Law School Rules for the requirements for registration as an unaccredited fixed-facility law school. Neither the Committee nor the State Bar’s Office of Admissions will advise prospective students on the advantages or disadvantages of studying law at a registered unaccredited fixed-facility law school or the quality of the legal education programs provided by the listed schools.

Prospective students should refer to available resources such as the law school pass/fail statistics on the bar examination and First-Year Law Students’ Examination (available on the Admissions portion of The State Bar of California’s website at www.admissions.calbar.ca.gov, current and former students, pre-legal advisers located on college or university campuses, and other career counselors, among others. 

Applicants seeking admission to practice law in California will receive credit for their law study at a registered unaccredited fixed-facility law school only if such study is completed in accordance with Title 4, Division 1 of the Rules of the State Bar of California (Admissions Rules) . Students attending registered unaccredited fixed-facility law schools are required to take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination and must pass it within three administrations after first becoming eligible to take the examination, which is upon completion of the first year of law study, in order to receive credit for law study undertaken up to the point of passage. If the examination is passed on a subsequent attempt, only one year of law study credit will be given toward meeting the legal education requirements needed to qualify to take the California Bar Examination.